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Atlayo Service List (Updated: 10/16/18)
Social Network: http://atlayofke5rqhsma.onion/ [Proxy] - Clearnet: [✔]
NETORA: http://2jmc5qtni7yjtmrx.onion/ [Proxy] [Down] [✘]
------------- http://5ryeoong5dbeljcy.onion/ [Proxy] [Reup]
Search: http://xvwhmrw3sgwwmkko.onion/ [Proxy] [Re-Online] [✔]
TorTube: http://rlujtxikez5kicwj.onion/ [Proxy] [✔]
Translate: http://atrah3rq5s5c3gud.onion/ [Proxy] [✔]
Freedom files Hosting: http://w3rh6q7gxvammjo3.onion/ [Proxy] ̶[̶R̶e̶-̶O̶n̶l̶i̶n̶e̶]̶ [Down] [✘]
ScreenArt: http://screenxaqh62bzrt.onion/ [Proxy] [✔]
Torify (Spotify clone) - http://fs5pxpsmsmdodh75.onion/ [Proxy] [Down] [✘]
Hosting - http://frissyucy5ocjpeu.onion/ [Proxy] [✔]
FelixTV: [✔]
CZPirateBay (TPB Proxy) -- ( ) [✔]

Service Hosted by Atlayo but not own it
http://shadows7vkjdyjtx.onion/ [Proxy] - Shadows7® WebIRC [✔]


My BitCoin address: 1MjPGQaK7hNvp3KKWUKH7pVKZcryiDNk7y

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20 hours ago - Translate

Hmm. looks like DuckDuckGo have some issues..

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1 day ago - Translate

Do you remember how the NSA surveillance was treated as a conspiracy?

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2 days ago - Translate

Hello to all new members here. I'm glad you belong to our world.

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  • We must change the world.
    „Nobody can sell you if you don't buy.“

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