A glimpse of one deep web writer on our community

Everyone knows RED ROOMS doesn't exists but it seems this administrator from a facebook fanpage knew all and claimed it exists.

Here is my statement on the post.^^


I shouldn't tolerate this kind of post without the proper citation of its source/s or reference/s. Deep Web PH,check your fellow writer.????

// Oh Oh Vendetta,Let's stop teasing and spreading misinformations.Here is again another statement of mine on yours.

Let me lay down the references of your photos and I hope you have read their articles.

(Said it's just a MYTH.)


According to Direclown(You should know that the owner of this site is a DARK WEB RESEARCHER also.)

A Red Room is a mythical dark web site that allegedly allows usersto watch and/or participate in live interactive torture or murder. It’s a great idea for a post-apocalyptic horror film, but it doesn’t actually exist on the Internet — let alone the dark web.
(Source: https://direclown.wordpress.co....m/…/so-called-red-ro

And good news,you just downloaded their photos on their website to make it real.Good move yet you can't fool anyone.

I would like to invite some users to come visit us anytime you wished also.

This is Ysa,their worst nightmare in their Fanpages.

There are so much to see in deep web aside this lowclass topics,so many things to explore and still don't know what kind of mindset they have to called DEEP WEB WRITERS.
(There are some who really same as mine but they already quit as it is a toxic community we have.

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