Myron_Stolaroff is part of Synchronizer (Cryptonia/Nightmare), a conclave of professional distributors of all medicines for the better of man.

In this blog, we will be talking about many trade tips, and more.

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We currently have in stock:

Hawaiian Pizza; yest that is correct ghouls and hags, Synchronizers team of profesional expert culinary skilled technicians have decided to produce the worlds first availability of Hawaiian Pizza made from locally sourced organic goods and in practice with fair trade.   We also donate the proceeds to the cause.

We have PCP a.k.a. Sherm Sticks.   Yes, Earth sectors favorite rare narcotic PCP is available for the first time ever online only through Synchronizer.

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We also host LSD blotters (250ug each dose), Clean Cocaine, and very clean Methamphetamine.

Please feel free to chime in on your needs and wants or for a more comprehensive list of our wares, just visit Synchronizer shop on Cryptonia marketplace.

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Myron_Stolaroff (Clergy to the Church of Synchronizer)