The Exposed Files: Featuring Edward Snowden

Posted October 10,2018 in Education.

Isabella Arcena
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The Exposed Files: Featuring Edward Snowden

The Exposed Files: Featuring Edward Snowden

By: Yzabella

This is the kick off feature of Exposed Files which we will discuss different files from different sources across the internet whether can be seen in the deep web or the surface web.For this time let's have a fresh flashback the man behind the leakage of classified documents of National Security Agency without authorization,Edward Snowden.

Who is Edward Snowden?

According to his official website,he is a 31 year old US Citizen and a former Intelligence Community officer and a whistle blower.Further more,he is also plays a role in secret mass surveillance programs and capabilities of NSA and other internationa partners.

On May 2013,after he left his home at Hawaii and travelled to Hongkong where he leaked documents to a journalist,Glenn Greenwald.The documents he leaked are detailed NSA Secret Programs where they have been using to collect and store informations not only in US but also in other countries.

For how many months of reviewing this documents I have,I can say Snowden did a great job exposing these documents.One notable document on those he leaked is the JFK Assassination which pretty much controversial up to now.

What kind of Files are we going to read,Yza?

Here are the some of my planned documents waiting again to be revealed:

JFK Assassination Records
NSA's Spies on Presidential Elections Abroad
The Existence of ECHELON
NSA's Role on Bin Laden Raid

There are a lot of them but only those I think significant to be discussed I shall lay down among those documents.

"The Dark side is the hidden and true side of human."

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