How to watch Movies & Shows Cheap

Guide How to watch Movies and TV Shows cheaply and legally (Only Czech/Slovak/English) <br>STOP PAYING FOR NETFLIX AND NORMAL DIGITAL TV NOW! <br>*Power of KODI*


Hello again,

For a long time I've been watching Movies and TV Shows, and I can say that I'm a big fan of the Movies and TV Shows, :)

So.. here's guide What method i use..

What do you need?

1.RaspberryPi (I use model 3B, but you can use for this also your shitty computer [but don't recommend cuz electricity] or older version of RPi)

2. SD Card (I personally use 32GB)

3.Phone (As controller)


5.HDMI Cable (for connecting RPi to your TV)

6. USB Cable for Power (I recommend connect RPi power to your TV via USB - so if you turn on TV RPi turn on too.. simply)


What now?

1. Download KODI here

2. Put your SD Card to your computer and follow instruction on website upstairs..

3. After installing KODI and Turning ON your RPi - connect RPi via WiFi (Dont recommend) or via LAN

4. Enable Remote Control in Settings->Services->Allow remote control from applications on this system

5. Connect KODI with your Phone (Download App here [Android])

6. Enable SAMBA in Settings->LibreELEC->Services->Enable SAMBA

7. Connect to your RPi via SAMBA with

username: libreelec
password: libreelec

8. Download this repository and put this ZIP into your KODI

9. Install your ZIP Repository via (In main menu) Add-ons->My add-ons->..->Install from zip file (Select your ZIP File)

10. After install click on "Install from repository"->KODI CZ & SK..->Video add-ons->Select "Stream Cinema"

11. Go to website WebShare and Create account, Pay for Month (2.62$+/-)

12. Connect your WebShare account with Stream Cinema plugin via (In main menu) Add-ons->My add-ons->Video add-ons->Select Stream Cinema->Configure->enter your account and Click on OK

THAT'S ALL :) Now you can watch all Movies/Series unlimitedly :)



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