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You can buy our fantastic THC products on following market places :
Wallstreet Market : Vendor Name : wochris
Dream Market Vendor name : wochris-online-shop
http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/............contactMembe [Proxy]
Luna Market : Vendor name : wochris
http://lunamarmge6dadag.onion/............index.php?cg [Proxy]
Core Market: Vendor name : wochris
Nightmare Market : Vendor name : wochris
http://nightmareocykhgs.onion/ [Proxy]

Nice greetings

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#weed , #Marihuana , #Cannabis , ...
THC Products from Spain---Weed---Pills---RSO

When buying from us you will only receive top quality weed, the best you've ever smoked with super potent and complex effects. We will only sell perfectly cured and beautiful potent weeds, no medium or low quality.

We offer :

----- Weed -----

Kushberry Indica
Strawberry Amnesia
Old School
Old Afghani
Mobby Dick

----- Medical Products ------

Full spectrum Cannabis Oil ( RSO / FECO )
Cannabis Pills
Cannabis Elixer
THC E-Juice / E-Liquid
10 % THC Gummy Bears

Shipping is free / worldwide
Min. Order is 1 Gram and we only work with escrow.
We accept Bitcoin and Monero
Check us out @ wallstreet market and have a look at the ratings ....
nice greetings


Link to Market :

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