Welcome to Nightmare

We are the best market the darknet has ever seen!

Why are we the best?

We have the best security in place and have learned from other markets mistakes in the past. We have some exciting new features for users that have never been seen before!

Username/Display Name

You can choose a different name for others to see than the one you use to sign in.

Jabber Notification System

Get all notifications from the market such as sales, messages and more via jabber notification on one or multiple machines. You can also see if wrong logins are attempted on your account so you'll know right away if your account is being bruteforced.

http://nightmareocykhgs.onion/....help/jabbernotificat [Proxy]

Caching Drops

We support a method of order delivery where the vendor leaves the pack at a coordinate and takes a picture then sends it to the buyer for them to pick it up, after they find it they release escrow. This can be safer than mail delivery in some countries.

Digital Orders

Digital goods will be delivered via auto dispatch for instant access to your files! No waiting. Autofinalize is 3 days for this order type.

Physical Orders

When you order a physical good auto finalizer is set to 14 days. If you have any issue then open a ticket.

Day/Night Mode

You can make the market easier on your eyes at night and easier to view in the day.

Notification System

Buyers can follow sellers and receive notification via market & jabber for new listings that are posted or current items that are out of stock. We also notify you when a deposit has reached your market wallet, when 2FA has been enabled, when your password has been changed. Anything that happens you will now instantly if you use our jabber notification service.

What Cryptos Do We Accept?

We currently have implemented Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and Bitcoin Cash. More are coming in the near future. We support multisig right out of the box!

Security & Encryption Implementation

We support automatic encryption to the users PGP key. We do NOT encrypt to a main market key. We have spent a lot of money on security to protect against all types of attacks on the servers.

We have been programmers here for a long time and grew tired of our work being thrown away by exit scamming markets. That is why we have decided to open our own and be done with it. Other current markets are outdated and we intend to bring a user experience like never before.
If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions feel free to create a ticket and message support.

Welcome to the future!

Official Nightmare Marketplace link:
http://nightmareocykhgs.onion [Proxy]

http://uiou5sidva7ylu4x.onion [Proxy]

Alternative links:
http://4cbzfahdsos2v6os.onion [Proxy]
http://7ur4yaruaxu3ilhi.onion [Proxy]
http://azmkio2bzgx53vle.onion [Proxy]

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