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Darkness could come again to this world. Don’t let your personal story disappear when this happens; and it could happen.

A “Great Darkness” fell upon this world long ago. The people of that world had the belief at the time that their world and their way of life were safe and secure. But when the Darkness fell upon them it was swift and devastating. The civilization that they had built spanned the Earth but it was thrown down into ruin in less than a generation when the Darkness engulfed them

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The story of the apple vendor

An old man from the city came from the remote mountains. He had traveled a long distance without stopping. He felt thirsty. As he walked, he found a man with a cart full of delicious apples. The old man approached him and asked the apple vendor to give him one apple. He had money to buy that apple, but the old man had no money.

Meet the old man city:
The owner of the apple refused to give the old apple for free, and felt the old poor poor thirst, and could not step one step and fell exhausted on the ground and passed by a man noticed him approached him to reassure him, and learned that he felt thirsty and told him that there is near a man selling apple, But that man did not have enough money, also to buy apples.

When the old man begged him to give him the fruit of one apple, even if it was the worst fruit, apple, the apple seller was angry and told him that all the apples were good, and he would not The old man gives the apples, without charge, so the old man goes sad.

City man helps the old man:
The man of the city could not leave the old man like this, and the man of the city thought in a way that the old man would help him fight with the apple seller, so that his heart would be wrapped up so that I could gather many of the city around the apple seller. The man of the city asked the collection to help the old man. To help the poor man.

The people of the city help the old man:
The man of the city told the collection that he had bought an apple for the old man, but his money was not enough, and he told them he wanted only one apple. The man of the city took off his hat and walked among the people, collecting lots of money for the old man. Help the old man.

Expression of gratitude:
The man of the city took the money and went to the apple vendor. He gave it to the apple man and grabbed an apple and brought it to the old man. The poor man grabbed the apple and kept crying and thanked everyone.

The old man felt active. He got up and took the old man Izmila out of his bag and began to dig a hole. Then the old man put the seeds of apples inside the pit and filled it with dust, and then something strange happened.

Where the seeds grew instantly into a tree full of fruit, and told the old man gathered around him that the tree, will remain an expression of gratitude to them and to help them get the fruit of apple, the old man asked the crowd to take what they want, , And left each man carrying a large basket of fruit, which he collected from the tree.

The old man filled a large bag of tree fruit and gave it to the city man to help him. He told him that he would never forget his reputation. The man of the city rejoiced and told the old man that he was a good man and was happy.

Apple seller regret:
The apple vendor approached the tree. When the people of the city went out and looked at the tree, and did not find any of its fruits, it might be left to him, but the old man clicked on the leg of the tree until it fell and carried her leg on his shoulders and went to the mountains.

The people of the city continued to eat apples, which they collected that day for several months. The apple seller lost his trade, spoiling the apples he had, and regretting not helping the old man.

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